Have Comic Books Gotten Worse?


Nothing in between the ears.

You may be thinking that I am some sort of IDIOT over the title but that title while fitting, is not what this article is about. It is really about how Comics have gotten to be in a worse state since the days in the 40s-60s when some people still thought comics were “the devil’s spawn!” mainly because of comic movies. Which are great and all, but most people who claim to be Iron Man (or pretty much any other character, especially the Guardians of The Galaxy, which most folks had no idea existed until the movie) franchise fans haven’t even read a single comic. Not even a poorly “updated” reprint. But sure don’t even bother reading my article. You’ll just comment and bash me over a dumb article title. But first let us talk about improvements and a certain hedgehog.


The Sonic layer of the picture wasn’t even modified by me. It is from the first Sonic TV series, I’m serious…

I mean sure, quite a few comics have improved over the years. Like the Sonic Comics for example are now more similar to the actual Sonic games than ever before even in the early 90s when the comic first started and there wasn’t any evidence that the writers had been getting their material from some 16 year old girl’s Sonic Fan-fiction (Don’t even bother looking up what fan fiction is, it basically is just a really bad fan-written story. Please do not read any fan fiction, I do not need a law-suit over any mental damage that could possibly happen when you look up “fanfiction”, ok?) the art in Sonic comics even took a really bad dip from the 2000s-early 2010s and luckily they fired that artist. Completely…


This is surely the first thing you think of when you hear the words “Sonic The Hedgehog.”

I mean even Batman (in a way) is better now, with Robin being less of an annoying cheese-*ball* (not putting in the original word, k.)


Seriously what is with those ripped up slippers, man?

And speaking of movies, Christopher Nolan’s Batman films were really good too. (It made us forget about George Clooney as BATMAN, yes that happened… you probably should call a doctor now.)


Batman VS Superman already happened, so seriously what is with the darn hype? (Also why does it say MAY JUNE?)


But to be honest comic “fans” have gotten even worse than ever, I mean they claim to be comic fans but about 55% of ’em haven’t even read a single issue of a comic… not even that Darkwing Duck comic for God’s sake.

But then they will discuss comic movies, and they will literally say that a movie is good as long as it has a crossover, a ton of FX or even freaking Deadpool (or some other overrated Marvel character that everyone didn’t care about until 2010…)



they will go see it and act like it is better than freaking Star Wars (the original trillogy) or E.T. or maybe even Forrest Gump.

What I really hate, is that (I THINK CROSSOVERS ARE COOL, DON’T MURDER ME) movie companies think that what viewers want is strictly crossovers, never a solo-character film (excluding Deadpool) I mean a lot of people would like to see more solo-Batman and solo-SuperMan films but those just aren’t gonna happen for a while. Then what is worse is that they are going to hire an actor that nobody is gonna like (I personally don’t really care that Ben Affleck is Batman, but I don’t really think he was a great choice ever) for example Ben Affleck. You could say he is more hated than that George Clooney. And Ben Affleck’s film isn’t out yet.

Overall: I wish that “comic” fans would just shut up and stop making comics so hard to even still be a(n actual) fan of… as they disregard comics as the true material and only want to see “edgy” “cool” “Hip” “RADICAL EXTREME” comic movies.



  1. CheleneNightingale · February 27, 2016

    Proud of you. Your blog made me laugh. Quite entertaining and look forward to all your future entries!


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